Saturday, December 29, 2007

Traditional Recipe and other matters

Sorry to learn of your friend, but supposedly s/he is in a better place. Thinking of the world in its present state, that doesn't sound too bad.
You know, don't you, that Sainte-Yvonne is adamant : "Death" is actually graduation but the fact must be suppressed to keep the marks terrified.

Get well! ... or else.

Pagan Temple
That's quite an alignment. Our friendly astrologer Zorian says that 1968 was a cumulative year; that the heavens realigned themselves in 65/66/67. Now we've told you more than we understand.
Don't worry about the recipe being too late. It's better if kept over for a year.

And to all,
Keep fresh batteries in your bullshit detector at all times.

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Here is Granny Frith's recipe for Solstice Pudding/Cake. Let's get down and traditional.
She made hers early in the year and put them on a quiet, cool shelf, visiting them only monthly to pour a little rum into them.

4 oz pitted prunes
12 oz currants (or equivalent weight in extra raisins)
12 oz golden raisins (sultanas)
24 oz dark raisins
3 cups flour
4 oz canned crushed sweetened pineapple
6 oz maraschino cherries cut in quarters, plus their liquid
1/2 level tsp salt
16 oz white breadcrumbs
16 oz lard or (more traditional) fine-chopped suet
16 oz dark brown sugar
4 oz ground almonds
grated rind of 4 lemons
2 tsp nutmeg
10 large eggs
Pinch of ground clove
2 oz dark rum plus or minus
Note - Using a food grinder makes much of this easier.

Chop prunes and half the raisins with breadcrumbs (2 - 3 batches).
Beat eggs.
Put everything (yes, all of it) into a large bowl. We use a scrubbed kitchen sink. Mix thoroughly with washed hands. (This is traditional; let the kids help here.)
Add enough rum to moisten everything--though sparingly, mind you.
Place in two buttered 8-inch bowls (we use stainless steel).
Cover each bowl with heavyweight aluminum foil. Tie down with twine, forming a lifting handle with the twine. Cut a small slot in the center of the foil.
Traditional - Steam 8 hours in a double boiler or bain-marie (this from the days of coal and wood stoves)
Modern - Pressure cook at high pressure on a rack in cooker with plenty of water for 2 hours. (repeat : plenty of water)
While cake is still in bowl, hide a dozen 25c coins (quarters) in the top. Turn it out onto a fireproof plate. Pour a little rum over it. Place a sprig of holly in the top. In a darkened dining room, serve it flaming with white rum sauce on the side. If you get a coin in your serving, that's good luck and wealth for the post-Solstice year. Mind your teeth; it's not wonderful to break a tooth on your coin.
Refrigerate any leftovers. Cut and eat as you would Christmas cake.


The Pagan Temple said...

It certainly sounds good, but I doubt it would last a year, or even a month. I would be afraid to try that, in this area at least it would probably tend to mold after so long, even refrigerated. Looking over the recipe, I would be surprised were it not to do so. Is that the purpose of adding rum once a month, to destroy bacteria that develops mold?

Sometimes I hate being right. I am by no stretch of the imagination a professional level astrologer, but I do consider myself a fairly good amateur. When I saw the alignments for this Yule, I surmised there might be some severe winter weather, and sure enough, there has been, with eleven deaths in the US the last I heard.

GavinandYvonne said...

Hi, we have never had a mold problem and we did live on the coast in NC. Must be the rum.
Good work on the weather prediction, as you know we are coming out of the deep freeze--so what's next?

The Pagan Temple said...

Well, back to astrology school for me, I guess. Yeah, I got lucky with my weather guess (if you want to call that "lucky"), but then I made a discovery. All of those latitude and longitude points you see in astrological charts have to do with points in the heavens (the ecliptic, I think it's called) and nothing whatsoever to do, apparently, with latitudes and longitudes on corresponding points on earth. At least, that's what I've been informed.

Drat, and I thought I was on to something. Maybe I still am, but just have to work more on it. For now, I would say, keep your eye on the time when Mars resumes it's normal direction, and returns to the same degree of Cancer as when it first began it's current retrograde motion. When it returned somewhat close to it's point of retrograde in 2001, 911 happened.

Of course, it's happened twice since then with no similarly ominous effects. But, who knows?

Michael said...

do you think gavin and yvonne are nutbags? I mean seriously? What do you think, there obviously inbred maniacs.

LighningSparx said...

I think the Frosts are geniuses... I would be honored to meet them, Ive lost myself in many of their books, and honestly there are no words to express how I have grown because of them.