Tuesday, October 21, 2008

HTSG Festival

We're back home again (emphasis : again), this time after a trip to the Highlands of Tennessee gathering. We've learned to call it HTSG - Highlands of Tennessee Samhain Gathering.
What a wonderful time we had. Lady Amythyst is one of the most welcoming of any festival organizers; and for you troops who are in a financial squeeze, the price for the gathering--including food!--has to be the lowest in the western world.
We felt no negativity there at all. Everyone shared the intent to have a pleasant time, and maybe grow spiritually and experience some healing, in one of the most natural settings we've seen. Everything was very positive and forward-looking.
The site, Avalon Isle, offers camping space and some cabins (cabins for those who book early). It's well away from other habitations. So we'll see you there, won't we. Access is really easy from almost anywhere in the southeast, in the Knoxville/Asheville/Gatlinburg triangle. The campsite is open year round so you can get away from the mad rush by renting a cabin there in any season.
Avalon Isle's website avalonisle.org


Christopher Wildbore said...


Back in August I sent you a money order to purchase a protective pentacle. I have been in email contact with Jo Frost, but has not answered my more recent emails. I have not yet received the pentacle. Could you look into this for me? Thank you and Blessed Be,

Chris Wildbore chris.wildbore@gmail.com

Christopher Wildbore said...

BTW your email address school@citynet.net is bouncing emails.

ellapedia said...

my dear chris, it doesn't take a psychic to figure out what's happened here.

Here. Perhaps this will help:


You've clearly been ripped off. They may be able to help. Also:


as you're canadian, yes? ;)

For the future? Never trust an email address like "school@citynet.net" Call it intuition. I prefer to call it reason.

Best of luck.

Oh and to the blog owners? I have no idea if you're the crooked morons behind this or if someone else is the.. a-hem... "mastermind" but you're welcome to delete this comment. I've emailed this verbatim to him anyway. You suck. Luckily you're really stupid and overt about sucking so you should be pretty easy to catch.

Blessed fucking be.