Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Immediate Future - Frost Travels 2009

The following events and presentations are scheduled firm. If you want to meet the Frosts in person, if you'd like to see their fangs and their hairy palms for yourself, come to one or more of the events listed here. Final updates will be posted not on this website, but at the websites listed with each entry. Completing websites will appear here as they arrive on our own Incoming.

September 6 Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship(UU), Beckley WV 11:00 a.m.
"Toward Enlightenment"
September 12 Pagan Pride Day, Erie PA
10:30 until dark St. Nick's Grove, Erie PA
September 13 Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, Erie
"Megalithic Monuments"
September 17 - 20 Mountain Mysteries Mabon, Stanardsville VA
September 26 Nature Spiritual Alliance Day, Appalachian South Folklife Center
Pipestem WV http://naturespirituality
October 9, 10, 11 Little Rock AR

October 17 ff Fayetteville AR

October 24 Springfield MO
Witches' Ball

PS PaTpl Thanks for your attention. You know who you are. Are you willing to divulge at least what state you reside in?

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The Pagan Temple said...

If PaTpl is me, I live in Kentucky, why do you ask? I'll add you back to my blogroll soon, I just took you off because I thought you stopped blogging. After I took you off, I bookmarked your site so I could check back from time to time, and I just happened to check right after you posted your last post. Strange, huh?