Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Progress Report on Gavin's Health

It's a week today since Gavin's surgery, that turned out to be more severe than any of us had expected. The recovery process feels quite slow ... though in our adrenaline-saturated culture, anything longer than instant is grounds for fidgeting. He is not allowed anything that might cause severe vibration or shock in the back, because the repair to the damaged dura will take time to heal properly. He can hobble around the house, though; and with the current cocktail of medications the pain can be controlled. Today's shower was a happy milestone. Also, we're feeling optimistic because the equinoctial storms seem to be subsiding at last and the weather is warming up.
Since we are now in hold mode and the jungle outside where a garden used to be is forbidden, as are travel and even meeting with groups of people, we're having to work on our long-delayed new book project. This may elicit groans from the community, but the work might contain a few new and different thoughts.
We're most happy with our neurosurgeon; without his swift and very delicate action, Gavin would probably be in a wheelchair instead of making a nuisance of himself. Your continued healing efforts will be appreciated. In a couple of weeks we expect to be on a reduced regimen of medications that will mean Gavin's immune system will be fully functional again and he can meet people..
That's all for now. Thank you all again. Progress continues, and the weeds are growing.

Blessed be all.


DrGiggles68 said...

I'm glad that Gavin's operation went well and that his recovery is going well! I miss you guys!!!!! :(

Vol-E said...

There is a special character to the down-time that comes with recovery from illness. It's entirely different from study, sequestration, or even meditation, and has nothing whatsoever to do with drugs. Nobody enjoys being sick or laid up, but there's that "golden" interlude that occurs after the worst of it is over but not the whole process. I expect Gavin will experience some entirely new insights that will serve both of you well in whatever the next (ad)venture is. The only thing you have to do is be patient, and allow the process. Best wishes for healthy times ahead.

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