Monday, October 1, 2012


While Gavin has been in hospital several people have left questions on our blogsite regarding the meaning of Wicca; as a specific example, What is Wicca? How can it help me?

We have written nearly thirty books on this and associated subjects, so it is not possible to describe what Wicca is within the confines of a single blog. Instead, we recommend that you look at our website and perhaps read some of our many books. What we can say briefly is this:
Wicca is a spiritual path based on ancient ways of thought linked to nature and to the passage of the year. Its very essence is freedom: freedom to believe in and to revere any form of deity that you wish, and within that freedom to have your own construct of such a deity. (An aside here, and an important one: Wicca has nothing whatsoever to do with any of the abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Instead its roots as we know them are based in early Celtic beliefs.)
You can also believe in evolution and perhaps in an original creation, not the sudden creation of the whole universe that later evolved into the universe as we know it today. In having this freedom to believe and to worship as you wish, you must give others the same privilege. The fact that someone believes firmly in an interventionist deity like Jehovah or the Prophet, does not mean that such a believer is a bad, worthless person.
That freedom extends to such matters as sexual freedom. Almost every week we see accounts of terrible men breaking their marriage vows and if not divorcing, then actually murdering their present spouse so that they can be with a new inamorata. Of course this is absolute stupidity: a natural result, perhaps, of rules--"commandments"--designed to further the Eternal Trinity of guilt, shame, and fear. Ask yourself: Who stands to gain from those commandments? Either you are free, or you are going to abide by the group of ancient rules made by old men in countries far, far away: old men of nomadic sheep-herding tribes who used the same harsh guidelines to bully their women as they did their sheep.
Wicca allows you to be free. You might ask then, "Why get married in the first place?" The answer usually is "for the protection of the offspring." Even those cruel men know enough to make the "right" noises, whether or not they have sufficient testosterone to apply them to their own behavior. In a society that is genuinely free, the offspring should naturally be protected by a set of laws that govern the responsibility of parents, not by a set of laws that requires two people to live out their lives in disharmony. And further: In a society that is genuinely free, contraception is readily available at low or no cost. Every child born is a wanted child.
Wicca is the very essence of freedom. To learn its ways and to abide by its precepts, you need remember only
If it harm none, do what you will

--and the none, we hasten to add, includes yourself.


scottybear said...

I have to say under the circumstances perhaps that Gavin is a bit under the weather. Is it safe to say(hope so lol) that your answer to whit "What is wicca" is somewhat tamed down to be a freedom of religion blog. It is then about those bad ole men that subjugate women. Well what about the mention of the pantheon of female (and male) deities. Being on this blog, most should understand the playing down of womens role in society. On the inverse. I see men confused on a daily basis they think "should I open this door for her or what" or "should I treat her like one of the guys or what" Now Yvonne I know you and love you to death but males nowadays aint got it easy. Honestly most of the time Im fricken confused as hell . What is Wicca is not a question about battle of the sexes. Perhaps its more about finding a equilibrium. Of course you might be thinking "Well in essence thats what I was saying smartass" lol. In closing I better see both you folks in Florida for Beltane my homestate(or I will be bummed). Last year I was in Austin Texas they have a big festival called Eeyores Birthday(winnie the poohs donkey buddy) its really off the chain. Austin is really progressive we had midevil reenactments,fire spinning, mead, naked body painting, huge drum circles, it was so much fun. OK healing energy to Gavin Be well my friend its hard to keep a good man down. In retrospect Ill bet the Austinians would love to hear you speak but wherever you path may go I will try to be there Im out. Scott 56jd 5 + 6= 11= juvenile delinquent lol or the inverse dj which my father is a famous one. Am I reading to far into my name probably. These Wiccans told me in 1988 keep reading the Tarot, a deck of which is never more than 20 ft from me at any time. Yes Yvonne after that advice read Tarot, Miami Beach, Times Square, Venice Beach Ca, Hawaii, and New Orleans thanks Yvonne for the advice. It was fun and hopefully insightful to the thousands I read.

scottybear said...

I remember in 1988 when you folks were in New Bern NC. I jumped in my Grandmothers Ford Maverick and took pilgrimage to talk to these witch people as I was into metaphysices before it was cool. I was asking as these people around town where did you live? Then this one guy tells me they live on such and such road by the cemetary but be carefull because "Dey work roots" I was so nervous as I pulled up to your lovely light blue home next to the cemetary. Not even considering I was basically dropping in uninvited.Yvonne comes to the door smiling and friendly(I was sweating bullets) and she says"Oh Jo your taking her to the movies right?" I was like "Did you know I was coming" looking all freakin purplexed. I have on a white shite with red stripes and remember thinking I look like sweaty barber pole. Keep in mind Im going back to 1988. Jo Frost (aka Bronwyn) comes down the steps and looks at me like I have a horn growing out of my head(probably reading my aura). I say"Can your father be here" Looking at the bazillion books they have on their shelves. Jo responds with "If he wanted to be" So I sit there rolling my eyes probably looking like a weird guest. Gavin the big guy comes down the steps and grunts "Give him three minutes" Probably to Yvonne who pops up smiling, shows me the pentagram, explains its principles. I tell her sometimes I think negative. She says just say to yourself."Its not like me to think negative" I tell her I started reading the Tarot. she says "Nice keep reading the Tarot" Then I left. I have read the Tarot since then for 100s of people including actor Tony Danza, Jerry Seinfeld and the super model Nikki Taylor plus other nice worthy people. Funny story on Venice Beach they used to steal my signs because I advertised free fortune telling. When in actuality the first minute was free then if you felt I was for real we could read more and you leave a donation. Unbeknown to me I was in front of the big muckymuck queen bee of the "Malibu Witches" on the boardwalk. So instead of asking me to move over a few feet she sends out her emmisaries to scare me. I get this one yahoo hippie chick sets in my chair and asks me if I know who the "Malibu Witches" are. I yawn and say no but I suppose your getting ready to tell me. She says your pissing them off and you will have an accident when your 35 I tell her"Listen sister your going to have a accident in about 35 seconds if you dont get out of my chair and next time just be polite and ask me to move down and quit paying your lil frens to steal my signs when I go for coffee. Furthermore I respect you and the "Malibus" have been here awhile but my friends are Gavin and Yvonne Frost who are the first who got Wicca recognized as a religion so spin around on that. Then the next day I with help erected a huge sign that said "Venices Most Powerful Psychic" sat there for a day then moved down. Eventually the head witchypoo came and shook my hand and said I was OK. I was like "What was so hard about that"

Unknown said...

OK guys we havent seen a blog post in quite a while. Do I really have to Facebook Lars to see how you are doing lol. Seriously Please let me know and all of us how Gavin and Yvonne are doing. I get it, even when you or I leave this life plane we will communicate on another one, its just nice to know when its coming. Not getting morbid but lets talk. Actually I might facebook Jo and Lars. Yvonne are you messaging. Tomorrow I will do my Yoga and send positive thoughts to the appropriate realms. Namaste

thirdeyespinning said...
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