Monday, March 25, 2013

Russian Spring

The two witch hazels that bracket our front door are very confused right now: They came into full bloom a couple of weeks ago, complete with the classic scent so familiar from those old drug-store bottles. Yet today they're covered with snow because we're having a Russian "spring" here in climate zone 6. For over a week now temperatures have been below normal--and we're promised that this will last at least another week. Indeed, temperatures are way below the normal for this time of year--and of course the self-appointed prophets of doom are gloating while they trumpet that global warming is a myth.
We're glad to report that Yvonne will never see 81 again. We had a quiet lunch out to celebrate.
Gavin's health seems to be improving though progress is terribly slow. We're sure that all those people who have sent energy have really helped the healing process. Let's recall that his surgeons thought he'd never walk again.
We had a good presenter at the Unitarian-Universalist fellowship last Sunday. He's a Russian exchange student and smarter than two or three whips. Whew. He's kind enough to say he likes it here but will be happy to get back to Russia where people don't wear meaningless smiles all the time.

That's all we know right now. Blessed be Y'all

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thirdeyespinning said...

Wow there goes another example of synchronicity(Yeah I like Carl Young) You folks meeting a Russian exchange student in Beckley and the comment he made about the goofy smiles a lot of people carry around in the US. Truth be told after leaving Beckley during one of my jaunts to the mountaintop. I met a young lady who got on the bus in Bluefield right next to Beckley who had on a colorful scarf which reminded me of Russian dress. Lo and behold I told her of this fact whereas she responded "Actually my mother is from Russia" I was of course amazed meeting her in that neck of the woods and told her of my script "The Early Years" about the first woman president being of Russian descent. This young lady spoke fluent Russian and gave me some tips after hearing some of my script. She also said in Russia if you look at a stranger and smile a lot of people just will think your crazy. Personally I smile either because I'm thinking positive happy thoughts or think my surroundings are humorous while wondering what I'm doing here anyway. I wrote her a impromptu poem while we were chatting, that she liked and said so. I remember blushing quite a lot lol. When she got off the bus she said "Ohdachi" meaning a good luck blessing in Russian. Its one of my favorite Russian words. Whereas I responded "Da Ohdachi Dasvidanya" Yes, blessings and goodbye. And of course Happy Birthday to you Yvonne! Ohdachi Comrade!