Friday, February 20, 2009

Greetings, Gentle Readers.

We are delighted to receive a request for input regarding the Craft from a representative of MTV. She is looking for people between ages 14 and 25 who have discovered the Craft as an alternative spiritual path and who now may be uncertain how and where to follow up. Such seekers naturally feel the need simply to ask questions--but where can they do it safely? What source is (a) safe and (b) valid and (c) non-condemning? This when their family may not be exactly encouraging of their desire simply to gain information. And the seekers need to know they are not alone.
Anyway, here is the question the MTV rep has sent us.
We are casting for an upcoming episode of the award-winning series True Life. For this episode, we are looking for people who are involved in Wicca. We are focusing on the relationship of how hard it can be when a young person believes in something their parents don't understand. I would really appreciate if you could mention this on your blog, or at your group meeting. We hope to have the show cast by the end of the month.
If you could have people email their situations to with their name, age, location, phone number, and recent photo of themselves I would really appreciate it. The age range is 14-25. end message from MTV rep ...
This could heal lives, boys and girls. Please do respond with offers of help and with contacts from real-world individuals who are somewhere along the path to and within Wicca. Goddess knows, this sorry nation needs some kind of alternative option. Just look around you and weep.
Anyhow, each of you, be true to yourself. Those who don't like it can take it to the "lord" in prayer, no?
Blessed be each one who reflects. Gavin and Yvonne


Shadowhawk said...

Hello Gavin and Yvonne.. Hope you are doing well.. Something interesting about one of youre new books ..

It seems people always have to fuss and stir the pot

Blessed Be .. Hpe to see you in Springfield at Samhain


Mano said...

Hi Gavin and Yvonne and Blessed Be, I would like to congratulate you on your promotion of true witchcraft. Unlike many other Wiccans who pay lip-service to tradition you always come out and say it like it is. I would like to see your answer to people like the ones who make these comments on:
These people who themselves have influence over young and impressionable individuals and those new to the Craft make misleading statements and should not go unchallenged I believe.
With the Blessings of the Gods,

The Pagan Temple said...

Gavin and Yvonne-

You really should respond to that blog post on Wild Hunt Shadowhawk was telling you about. It's already gotten up to well over one hundred comments (I just added my own, I'm PatrickKelley there). If you popped in and said a few words it would be interesting to see them fall all over themselves. Just as an experiment. Most of these people are just run with the crowd types, in my honest opinion.

DieticianGuy said...

Great! I just reposted your post on the New Orleans,La website of NOLA.Com under some of the occult sections. So maybe some young people, can be of use.

myluckystarz said...

I'm a 32 year old mother myself now who's parents were supportive during my spiritual search. We just seemed to "have it in the family", so to speak.
Just commenting to suggest they also show the side of those parents who are supportive of their children, to show the happiness in the face of the child. Children are always proud of their parents when they stretch beyond their limits out of love for their children. It would be nice to show both sides.
Gavin and much gratitude for your legacy of love and peace. Blessed Be.