Friday, February 13, 2009

A New Product Line for eBay

In the Wall Street Journal of February 6, 2009, Ms Bari Weiss describes two cases of autonomous women taking steps to assume charge of their respective futures. Her title: "Putting Herself on Sale." These are Ms Weiss' gasping horrors.
Gasping horror No. 1: A 22-year-old woman is offering her virginity for sale. At press time, the top bid was $3.8M. Bari, is this woman claiming that because she has decided to sell hers, you must sell yours too? Repeat after me: "Optional is not mandatory." Does the term "consenting adults" convey anything to you? Clarify for me, please: How does her action hurt you?
Gasping horror No. 2: An educated, cultured woman is offering her ova for sale to people who want them. The same questions occur in my mind. Does she insist that you must imitate her? Are these not consenting adults making a rational decision in which they all can share? How are you hurt? And have you advertised your own ova for sale? Let me guess again--given your mindset, on a good day they'd get maybe $2.50 each.
Still, isn't it nice that you can hold the moral high ground and quiver with righteous indignation while you curl the lip at individuals who you claim have "sold out"? Let me guess--that you sleep with a Bible under your pillow; that you haven't yet caught on to the tired old eternal trinity of the dominator culture: Guilt, shame, and fear.
So how about this for a fresh idea? You run yours, and I'll run mine.
If you don't like my thinking, take it to the Lord in prayer.
Blessed be those who think.

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DieticianGuy said...

People are so paranoid about sex. First, I doubt that she is a virgin. It is rare to find a virgin who is over the age of 13 now a days-so for this woman to be a virgin; she went to Dr.Goldberg in Beverly Hills and had stitches put in, to fool the person into thinking that she is a virgin being that this is what all the Arab Muslims do after they have sex as teenagers and before their parents give them to their husbands in an arranged marriage. So making oneself back into a virgin is the new "en vogue" thing to do for the Paris Hilton generation of girls.