Saturday, February 27, 2010

Congress and Health Care

Dear fellow taxpayer,
We Frosts have experienced health care in four different nations: England, France, Canada, and the United States. Our experience has amounted to something like comparison shopping. We have to say that, given Medicare and Medicaid, we are more than pleased with the American system. We think the Brits have a slightly better one, but we much prefer to live in the States.
To complement the professional attention, we actively pay attention to our own state of health, with particular attention to nutrition.* This feels like responsible adult behavior : not to trash our bodies with reckless, irrresponsible behaviors and then drag ourselves to a physician afterward and say, "Here I am, Doc. Heal me (on taxpayer dollars). Wind me up and turn me loose so I can trash my body anew."
The current health-care debate seems to be focusing on cutting the heart out of Medicare. Consequently we are convinced beyond all doubt that Congress has no idea what they are doing. Clearly they have forgotten what it's like to be a citizen taxpayer out there defenseless, as we ourselves wer for many years. Some of the present rules are extremely weird but ostensibly liveable. We ahve recently learned of one such taht is interesting, to say the least : Even though it is well known that no level of X-ray is safe, and that sonograms are just as good at detecting breast cancer, still if Medicare is to pay for it, you have to have an X-ray before you can get a sonogram.
When it comes to the matter of abortion adn teen pregnancy, we could write reams. The government--paid for by your taxes and mine--refuses to fund real-world, practical sex education for the kids. Then when they get pregnant, Congress proposes not to pay for abortion. This has to be pure grandstanding, not to mention the legislation of religious belief into federal law. Are you as grateful as we are ?
In this nation, teen pregnancy is presently running at 42.5 pregnancies per thousand in ages 15 to 19. Compare that rate with the Netherlands, where sexual freedom adn education are required. There the teen birth rate is 3.8 per thousand--less than 1/10 the U.S. Surely any sensible, rational person can understand that on any sort of cost curve education is the cheapest; abortion is the second least-expensive--and welfare is off the graph. It makes absolutely no sense for Congress to hold up the much-needed health-care reform act for something that would really save billions because of some ancient fundamentalist principle. By the way, copulation is not forbidden in their black book.


DaveandKathy McAllister said...

We disagree. Congress, as despicable as they are, know exactly what they are doing. They are doing the business of corporate America rather than the peoples business. We have collectively lost our voice in the halls of congress. The recent supreme court decision regarding campaign funding is yet another kick in our crotches. How may we regain our voice in congress? We believe that the answer lies in our right to vote. A right that so many of us take for granted and fail to exercise. Vote the incumbent bastards out of office regardless of what kind of job they are doing. Infuse congress with new blood and then when their term is up vote them out. They will not set term limits so we the people must. With that sort of voting record we would have the strongest voice in the nation and it would not surprise me to have congress people knocking on the door wanting to know what they can do for us.

There would be nothing wrong with a government run health system. You are familiar with medicare in your daily lives. We, as retired former service members, are familiar with Tricare. All examples of top quality well run government health care. The rub lies within the egos of our so called elected officials. They can't seem to come together and collectvely take credit for a job well done. Rather, they prefer to sit as obstructionist pimples on the rear end of progress. Cure: reread first paragraph

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