Saturday, February 27, 2010


We want to thank everybody for their various definitions of love, especially Raven, who pointed out that the Greeks had so many words for different aspects of love. Now we have another request of you.
Gavin is scheduled soon to give a presentation to the local Unitarian-Universalists on spirituality. What makes a person "spiritual" ? How do you know one when you meet them if you can'tsee their aura ? Someone who is very materialistic is not spiritual ; that's clear enough--but then we see people like Bill and Melinda Gates spending millions of their money on various projects around the world, and we wonder. Also we have humanist and atheistic friends who seem to us to be very spiritual in their dealings with the world. Yet by basic definiton, since they don't believe in spirit, how can they be labeled spiritual ?
Any thoughts ? Help.

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DaveandKathy McAllister said...

Spirituality: The inner and outer peace and tranquility realized from the relationship one has with ones self, others, the environment within which one exists and whatever one considers ultimate reality.

Spirituality can never be achieved through religious practices; rather realized through inward personal journeys manifesting in an outward presence of love, serenity, tolerance and patience.

We are all born wild and naturally spiritual and, depending on our rearing, are domesticated to either enhance or eliminate it. The good news: Spirituality never goes away it just hides within the ego until we choose to liberate it.