Thursday, September 27, 2007

We're Going to a Ball

We know that to many of you roots are important. Along with who did what to whom, when, where, and how, the lore of Craft roots seems to be part of an ever-changing mythhistory of early Wicca. So we're going to put this one up for grabs and for your comments.
In the early days of the Church of Wicca we participated annually in Samhain seminars around the nation. Each of them included a little costume ball. We have many wonderful memories of them, including Selena Fox's screech (during a song, actually) in Albuquerque that brought the hotel security running. The night that the lady got fed up with our amateur guitarist, walked up to him, took his instrument away, handed it to her husband, snapped "Tune it!", and proceeded to play a riff of classic Bach. And there was the night that Yvonne sang Solvejg's Song from Peer Gynt Suite, whose theme seemed so poignantly appropriate for Samhain, and a retired German opera singer stopped her and sang it as it deserves to be sung.
Anyway, we have run out of fingers and toes to count the number of Witches' balls held under the auspices of the Church of Wicca.
We're very pleased that the Greenleaf Coven of Springfield MO is carrying on the tradition. On the night of Friday October 26 we will attend the ball--our 35th--they've scheduled for the real lunar date, at the VFW (Post 3404) Hall, 1136 East Atlantic at National, in Sspringfield. The ball is free to those who really cannot make a donation. Otherwise a donation of $15 is appropriate. If you come driving up in a brand new SUV with the latest ipod in your fist, we expect you will make a larger donation, to show where your priorities really lie. For more information, see
On the Saturday morning, October 27, at around 10 o'clock or when we can open our eyes, the Church will hold its annual general meeting over brunch at the Cedars Restaurant. It turns out that only a few people have actual votes, but we will listen to any suggestion you make that will enhance the position of the Craft in this nation. This means that all you lovely Arkansawyers had better be good and show up--and you too, Katie, 'cause Jo won't be there to keep us in line. If you don't show, we could well take the bit between our teeth, and it might not be pretty. You never know your luck.
Blessed be those who walk the spiritual path called the Craft. GY


na said...

Well those are great memories of fun times. The one Samhain I attended while you were in New Bern was a lot of fun. My costume was that of a clown, and it seems that it many ways I am the "town clown (lol)." Scotty was the musician that night. And she did a marvelous job on the piano and singing. Lots of interesting non-threatening people were in attendance. A very carefree and non-intimidating group of people. The whole weekend was great there on the shores of the ocean. A moonlight walk on the beach with a witch from New Jersey I believe. Her name eludes me now, it was so many years ago, but we exchanged snail mail for awhile after that. My walls of defense were much lower then. Now it is hard for me to trust groups of people who are experienced in the magical arts. Maybe that is the state of the craft for many people. One of distrust, and defensive walls so high, that truthful communication has many barriers. Thanks for letting us know about the ball you are going to. It sounds like it will be lots of fun and a chance to open up some constructive communication. Blessed be all who attend Samhain gatherings, David

A.J. Drew said...

You used the word 'auspices' in reference to a Witches Ball and other events similiar. Are you saying the Church of Wicca sanctions events?

I ask because I had always kind of felt the attendance of folk like yourself was more a sign that the event was sanctioning you than you sanctioning the event.

Shadowhawk said...

Gee your so Smart.. Yes the Frosts have attended events, im not going to say sanctioned but there was one called Week 50. And to Gavin and Yvonne I will be attending the Ball. Look forward to seeing you there. The Breakfast at Cedars i wouldnt know about.. Hope you are both Well

Blessed Be .. Shadowhawk

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


I'm a lurker. Pick your battles, this isn't one of them. To make your point you need to make it clear that there is a reason behind your mission, not just a blind vendetta. Respond, don't instigate one non-aggressive or mundane topics such as this one. Just an opinion.

SecondComingOfBast said...

I have kind of mixed feelings. On the one hand, I'd love to be there, but then if I were to be there, I'd probably be uncomfortable. I tend to be the wallflower type at public gatherings, though I do tend to make small groups of friends.

If I dressed in costume, it would probably be as a vampire, as I find myself somewhat attracted to this Gothic stuff for some reason.

Anyway, good luck, everybody has lots of fun.

The Voice of Reason said...

Gavin n 'vonne,

The Arkinsawyers will be thar in full furce! We ben tryin to de side whut to war fer custoomes.

We bout de sided wed all come as cuzins, sense evr one noz Arkinsawyers fambily treez don fark.

But if dat don werk, we be der as a bowl o resin bran serel...we be de resins.

Luv n lite to awl, Elvis is da King,

Yer Hilbillie Cuzins

Unknown said...

Hiya - yes, ok, I'll be at the meeting! Darn it - 10 o'clock is early for the morning after, but bleary-eyed and begging for coffee, I will be there. By the by, the address for more info should be or And we will be ready, whatever the Gods and Goddesses bring to us. It's gonna be fun!